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For any expat in Eindhoven or other English speaking citizen: please feel welcome in our studio, we speak English.

We are a weight loss studio especially for women. We offer a combination of sport, nutrition and personal guidance. Our movement methods are specific to lose weight on the places that you want to lose it as a woman.

We have 3 locations in Eindhoven: Blixembosch, Meerhoven and in the centre of Eindhoven and 1 in Helmond (Brandevoort).

We work with innovative trainings methods that make it possible to burn localized fat. With our training you’ll lose more fat on your abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Training methods

You train 2 times a week in the Powerfit or in one of our vacuum cabins. In the Powerfit you do ground exercises. It’s an infrared cabin heated up to 37 degrees. The combination of warmth and exercise makes you burn fat quicker than a normal way of sport. The training program is individual and therefore for every person different.

The Vacushaper or Vacumove is based on vacuum. You walk on a treadmill or stand on a cross trainer in a cabin that is sucked vacuum. That will increase your blood circulation which is essential for burning fat. At the same time you’ll exercise on a fat burning level. So you are burning the fat more on the places where the blood circulation is the stimulated; on your belly, legs and bottom.


Our diets are Slinc. and the protein program Proslank and Forever Living. Slinc. is a diet that works with 6 normal eating moments a day completed with supplements. We have all the information that you need in English. Proslank is a protein program and works with meal replacements (shakes).

You don’t want to follow a diet but just eat healthier? That’s possible to. We can advise you in your way of eating.

Personal guidance

We don’t just focus on weightloss, we also guide you into keeping your weight. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can learn to keep the weight stable in our maintance program.

Our program is individual and under personal guidance. This gives you the best result of your program. Our studio is small and personal. We find it important that you feel welcome and at ease.

Free intake

During an intake we discuss your personal desires and goals. We make an figure analyse. Based on this and your condition, age and health we make an individual training plan.

The intake is free and without obligations.

Are you anxious to know what we can do for you? Don’t hesitate and call us to make an appointment!

Especially for al expats in Eindhoven, our location in the centre of the city is very convenient. For everyone that works on the High Tech Campus our studio in Meerhoven is nearby. Anywhere in between you can contact our studio in Blixembosch. And for expats in Helmond, our studio in Brandevoort is accessable.

Make an appointment with one of our four studios. It’s free and without obligations.


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