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Nutritionist in Eindhoven

Nutritionist Eindhoven

Your nutritionist in Eindhoven

You would like to lose weight, but you are not succeeding. You exercise more and eat less and still you do not lose weight. Do you recognize that? It sounds illogical to many women, but to lose weight you have to eat more.

Our nutritionist in Eindhoven helps you lose weight at our In Shape Slimming Studio with a total program of sports, nutrition and coaching.

Nutritionist Virginia: ‘Our main principle of dieting is that every day should be a celebration moment. Otherwise you will never keep up a diet for long. We show you that by eating more you will lose weight. So with 6 meals a day you certainly don’t have to feel hungry. At the same time, you do see results on the scales. Isn’t that what every woman wants?

The team of nutritionist Virginia van der Made helps you lose weight in Meerhoven (nearby Brainport Eindhoven) and the team of Rachel Hulshof is ready for you in Blixembosch (nearby Ekkersrijt).

Nutrition advice

At In Shape Afslankstudio we work with Slinc. With this diet you keep eating normally, so just products from the supermarket. In the evening you can eat with your partner or family, which is very convenient.

With 6 meals a day you eat every 2 to 2.5 hours. With this nutrition program you keep eating everything the body needs: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. All nutrients in the right proportions. You lose weight, but you continue to eat normally. You’ll see it on the scale, but you’ll also notice it in your clothes. And visible results are motivating.

What does a nutritionist do?

Nutritionist Rachel: ‘With our nutrition coaching we take into account your living and work situation. We think along with you in solutions. Do you work night shifts, are you often in meetings, do you travel a lot, are you still studying or do you have a busy family life? We make sure that the program fits well into your life for you, too.’

The nutritionist in Eindhoven weighs you weekly and measures your weight, fat mass and lean mass (including muscle mass). She discusses with you the result of the weighing and how your program is progressing. For example, the program may need to be adjusted for you. She also measures the result in centimeter loss in size every month, so you can see that you are actually losing weight in those places where you want to lose weight.

In Shape Slimming Studio is for women only, from young to old. We have two studio’s in Eindhoven who can help you. The team of nutritionist Virginia is ready for you in Meerhoven and Rachel and the team in Blixembosch.

Nutritionist in Eindhoven

Nutritionist Virginia (left) and Rachel (right)

Nutrition advice and sports

But nutrition alone won’t get you there. In Shape Slimming Studio in Eindhoven combines nutrition with exercise in heat and vacuum cabins. These ensure that you lose weight in your problem areas.

Is your belly bothering you or do you want to lose weight on your legs and buttocks? The exercises in the heat and vacuum cabin ensure that you lose weight more locally. So you lose weight in a nicer way and you are also building up your condition. You feel fitter and more comfortable in your own skin. And say bye bye to cellulite, because it is also significantly reduced by vacuum training.

In Shape is your coach nutritionist in Eindhoven

With two studios in Eindhoven (Meerhoven and Blixembosch), In Shape is a godsend for all women looking for nutrition coaching in Eindhoven. We get a lot of expats in our studio, so don’t hold back. We can help you too. And of course, we speak English, no problem.

Conveniently, the studios are also open in the evening and on Saturdays. Enough parking space and also completely free.

Virginia: ‘Our guidance is personal, both in exercise and nutrition. As a nutritionist in Eindhoven, me and my team make sure that you stay motivated, even when the going gets tough. That can be by making an adjustment in the nutrition program, but sometimes just a pep talk. It is important that you keep feeling good, then you will get the best results. And we do that together!’

But which program suits you best?

That’s what nutrition coach Virginia or Rachel would like to discuss during a free and non-committal appointment. Together we look at your own wishes and goals. We also do a figure analysis. Based on this and your condition, age and health, we advise you which exercise and nutrition program is best for you. Curious what In Shape can do for you? Feel free to make an appointment for a free and non-committal intake.  The coffee is ready ☕

Coach nutrition Eindhoven

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